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This project was created for Game Design 2 at Butler Community College. For this project, I mainly wanted to focus on making a well designed area that was easy to traverse and felt believable that also looked good. Mostly, I wanted to make the level interconnected and give any players multiple ways to travel throughout it. 

Assets I used (As they're named on the Assets Store):

Universe Sounds Pack Free

Sifi Styled Modular Pack

Vast Outer Space

Robot 1

Space Robot Kyle

Robot 1 came with pre-made walking and running animations. I did the nav-mesh work myself, though, including building the functionality for the animations to play.  I didn't find a good way to implement it, but a running animation plays when they reach a certain speed. Space Robot Kyle came Pre-rigged, but the piloting animations were made by me. I coded the elevator myself, but the animations and models came with the Sifi Styled Modular Pack.


Space Station.zip 56 MB
UnityProject.zip 602 MB

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